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Find out about our history and goals.

On April 29, 2021, the Polish Laundry Foundation was established. We were connected by the cases at Industry Shields and PFR. Our organization associates over 130 laundry companies from all over Poland. We organize trainings, conferences and workshops. We represent launderers before state authorities, we are entered on the list of the entrepreneurs’ council at the SME Ombudsman. We maintain constant contact with politicians of all political parties, we give opinions on the positions of launderers, and we build a common quality policy. Our goal is to create a strong Polish Laundry group that will effectively act for its principals and laundry employees. At the same time, we operate as a non-profit organization, and through joint projects we teach each other. More about us here (link to the current page)

What will we do in the coming months?

we want to be the first website of a laundry in Poland. Each client I enter Looking for Laundry will find us;

we will promote the “Polish Laundry Group”;

in our ranks we see small plants ranging from one employee to large laundries washing several hundred tons. Dry cleaners, water laundries, work clothes laundries, mat laundries, as well as carpet and upholstery washing (a very large professional group not affiliated anywhere). Each laundry room will find a place next to our … our washing machine 🙂
we will obtain funds for the activities of the Polish Laundry Foundation from members and from European funds;

we will build a common website www.Polskiepralnie.pl, which will be the first website of the laundry service in Poland, available only to members who join us;

we will create a joint website on FB, Instagram and TikTok that will support Foundation members in current industry problems;

We will organize closed training courses for Launderers and Launderers in small groups throughout Poland, meeting together to increase the efficiency and economic efficiency of plants;

Meetings will be held in laundries for employees.
We will make videos about our laundries that will be available to customers on our website;

we will make a number of training materials that will be sent to the Owners, Directors, Cleaning Ladies in the facilities in order to raise awareness of the use of textiles in the facilities;

we will use the available media to tell what we do, how we do it and why it is worth using water and chemical laundries, work clothes and mats;


We have already done some of the tasks. We give the PP Foundation a validity period until the end of 2022. If we achieve our goals, we will think together about what to do next. We don’t want to roll a ball that will melt over time due to a lack of interest, ideas and actions. Drinking vodka once a year at a conference is not enough. He expects substantive support from himself and from others, supported by practitioners, not necessarily by sellers. It was already. I would love to see companies, but we will do it like in the hotel industry … after consulting with companies, but for free or with a nominal fee for washing machines. I am aware that there will be 50 or 100 of us left. I prefer to meet 67 partners involved in our projects than 800 viewers. I am convinced that we will make changes on the market, and the members of our Foundation will not be a company “right after the garbage truck”. We will learn to calculate costs and profits together, as it is in corporations. We will all learn it and together from people who know it and work for car and food companies. And they don’t necessarily want to earn or sell something on us, but we also have very nice companies. We will allocate money from members to broaden your knowledge.

You already know that I have a lot of vigor in my actions. He performs under the pseudonym Kar Tom. I am not always associated with a specific laundry, but with laundry – and that’s probably good … I’m glad that we managed to get to the place where we are. I am aware that many of you expected more help or did not receive it at all. However, I am not infallible and I also make mistakes many times. As we all. Someone from the launderers called me “Pistolecik”, I remember that to this day when I was criticized for my actions. Anyway, it was even several times. And yet I turned out to be a “Kalashnikov” who scattered the whole industry with a group of avid launderers like a locomotive in the wild west (a comparison not accidental). When we organize a joint industry meeting – it follows that in September 2021 – I will tell you who is who and what has done. And if I do not remember someone – which is possible – please raise your hand! Because we are many and our memory is fleeting.

Was it worth it? I leave a grade to each of you.


The founders of the Foundation are laundries:

WashPRO Wolin laundry – Agnieszka Jesionka

Laundry Miracolo Wieliczka – Anna Czop

Europral Międzyzdroje laundry Tomasz Jakubowski

Laundry Cichowscy Gdynia Łukasz Cichowski

Laundry Supra Warsaw – Rafał Gadomski

MP Ujazd laundry – Marek Tomalski

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